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5 Signs The No-Contact Rule Is Working

Breakups attract a lot of strange advice. Don't text your ex, and certainly don't call them. Block them on all your socials, and do not, I repeat, do not spy on them. Wear a disguise if you have to, but under no circumstances are you to see or be seen by your ex. Sound extreme? Well, when you're in the throes of heartbreak, you're willing to try anything, including the no-contact rule. The no-contact rule is often referred to as the only way to move on from a relationship or the best way to

10 Most Sneaky Divorce Tactics You Never Saw Coming

Divorce can get pretty ugly, especially when spouses have no other option but to settle their differences through lengthy court proceedings. Not only do tempers run high, but sometimes, good sense and ethics fly right out the window. Spouses will do anything to one-up each other — including some very sneaky, underhanded things. So, is your spouse playing dirty? More importantly, what are your options if they are? If you think your spouse is being sneaky, here are a few things you should know:

Help. I'm Cheating on My Girlfriend

You know exactly why you’re reading this. You’re doing the unthinkable - you’re cheating on your girlfriend. So now what? Well let's break the problem down into tiny little pieces: • When To Come Clean • How To Come Clean • Make Amends For Cheating On Your Girlfriend • Learn From Your Mistakes, Don’t Repeat Them There’s a reason every rehab session starts with acknowledging the problem. When you acknowledge a problem, you make it real. It’s no longer necessary to hide in the dark or play clo

A Guide To Toxic Positivity

You know that thing, the one that's been keeping you up at night? It's not a big deal. Look on the bright side; it could be worse. Just be positive! I bet you feel so much better now. If you don't, you're obviously doing something wrong. Remember, happiness is a choice. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever confided in someone and felt absolutely horrible afterward, you’ve probably been a victim of toxic positivity. What is toxic positivity? And how can it possibly be toxic if it's positive? Well, w

Do You Pass The Difficult Person Test?

We’ve all met our fair share of difficult people. Interacting with them can leave us hurt and drained, so we tend to avoid them like the plague. What if you’re the difficult person in the equation? Well, among other things, your social calendar might look a little empty. Do you pass the difficult person test? To help you figure that out, here’s what we’ll be looking at: • What To Do If You're A Difficult Person In 2021, Dr Chelsea Sleep and her colleagues at the University of Georgia looked in

Low Self-Esteem In Relationships

Every aspect of your life is influenced by your self-esteem. Having low self-esteem affects not only how you treat yourself but how you relate to others. Here’s what we'll be looking at: • How To Deal With Low Self-Esteem In A Relationship Self-esteem issues can contribute to mental health problems and make you more susceptible to anxiety and other depressive disorders. If low self-esteem is making it hard to cope with day-to-day life, please consult a mental health professional. Below are so

Will Your Dead Bedroom End In Divorce & 8 Ways To Fix It

You never really got over that dry spell, and now it's been months, possibly years, since you and your spouse last had sex. From not being able to keep your hands off one another when you first got married, you barely even touch each other anymore. Sadly, it's like you're sleep partners rather than lovers. If you value sex and physical affection, not being able to connect with your spouse can be distressing. You may feel unwanted and unattractive — not to mention that a lack of physical intimac

Couple Dynamics for Healthy Relationships

Over time, every relationship settles into a comfortable and predictable rhythm. But what if you settle into unhealthy patterns of behavior instead of healthy ones? What if you constantly cycle through the same problems? Unfortunately, simply rolling with the punches won't provide lasting change. You've got to address the cause of the dysfunction. Because relationships are the sum of repeated behaviors and patterns, changing your dynamic is the only way to guarantee lasting change and a health

When Love Becomes Clingy

You feel the connection instantly. Sparks fly and you swear you’ve found the ‘one’. The constant contact, phone calls, and non-stop texts make you feel giddy. New love, right? You and your new romantic partner become the couple that makes everyone around them feel disgustingly single. You’re practically joined at the hip. Friends and family can hardly tell you apart anymore - you’ve basically melded into one big hermaphroditic blob. It’s all part of the bonding process, you reason. Over time,

21 Questions for a New Relationship

In the 1990s, psychologists Arthur and Elaine Aron developed some questions. The aim of the questions: love. In 2015, the very same questions were used as part of a viral social experiment. A woman tried these questions on an acquaintance and they went on to tie the knot. Since then, people have used these questions on first dates and even experts have assigned them to couples wanting to reconnect. The 36 questions to fall in love, as they are commonly known, prove something to us. In the wor

Simple Ways To Improve Your Life Right Now

Feeling stuck? The good news is that your next steps will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. With effort and grit, you can improve your life. Sustainable change is about focusing on what you can do every day to get closer to where you want to be. If you're ready to become the best version of yourself, here’s what you'll need to know: • How To Improve Your Life In 30 Days Simple habits can increase your productivity, boost happiness, and help you live a fuller li

How To Ask For A Divorce - Step By Step

When you've tried everything, including couples therapy, and things are still bleak, coming to terms with the fact that your marriage has run its course isn't easy. Maybe you want different things in life. Perhaps addictions and other difficult circumstances have left you with no choice. Whatever the reason may be, the fact is: divorce is a daunting process. Taking that first step and telling your spouse about your intentions can seem even more daunting. But knowing how to play your cards righ

Dealing With Oneitis

Is there anything more swoon-worthy than the tale of a man's undying love for a particular woman? He ignores multitudes of beautiful women in favor of his one love. In his eyes, she's the most attractive woman to ever grace this planet. Everything about her is perfect and her indifference only increases his passion. Like valiant knights of old, his noble efforts eventually win her over. They go on to live happily ever after. It’s an epic love story - the kind we've grown to expect from old rom

The 5 Stages of Getting Back Together With an Ex

What was it you even fought about? It seems so trivial now. Time apart has done you some good and you finally see the situation for what it is - a big mistake. It dawns on you that all you wanted out of a relationship was within your grasp and you let it slip away. Maybe if you had just talked things through, you wouldn't be staring at the ceiling at 3 am contemplating your life choices. Let's face it: you're miserable and you want to get your ex back. Isn't breaking up and getting back toget

Why Am I Always Horny?

If you’re always horny, and if sex is on your mind every minute of the day, you might be curious whether that's normal or healthy. Well, men think about sex 19 times a day, while women think about sex 10 times a day. Where do you stand? Okay, take a deep breath. These estimates are far from constant, nor do they set any kind of standard. In fact, there is no standard: what gets one going is pretty subjective. Plus, there are a lot of factors that contribute to a person’s libido or sex drive.

Is Flirting Cheating?

No, flirting is not cheating. Before you burn me at the stake, let's break down the nuances of flirting and cheating: Flirting is defined as acting in an amorous way without serious intent. It’s usually a sign of attraction and interest. In social contexts, it's a natural process that encourages relationship development. Flirting is a playful and exploratory exchange until one party makes their intentions clear. Research has found that when it comes to flirting people's intentions may include:

What Are Couple Goals?

From matching outfits and date nights to cute ship names and baecations, couples all over the world are sharing how they express their love for each other. Netizens have coined these displays 'couple goals', and an increasing number of loved-up duos are scrambling to join the revolution. We're all for the aesthetics but what matters is how you get along behind the camera. Let's look beyond the trending hashtag and explore what true couple goals are and why you should have them. This is what we'

How Dating A Narcissist Changes You

The highs and lows of being romantically involved with a narcissist can feel like a head trip. Unfortunately, the effects of being caught up in their web of lies can linger long after you've slammed the door on your relationship. It's an undeniable fact: dating a narcissist will change you. If you’re curious to know how, here's exactly what we'll be looking at: • How Dating A Narcissist Can Change You • How To End A Relationship With A Narcissist Narcissistic personality disorder (or NPD) affe

Will I Be Alone Forever?

If the pressure to be coupled up is causing you distress, you’re not alone. Post-pandemic anxiety surrounding loneliness and being single is at its peak. Social media is partly to blame. The lingering negativity around being single is deeply ingrained in our culture, which doesn’t help either. Like many other single people, you might question your value and worth. You might feel like you're not good enough and will never find someone to share your life with. As you admire happy couples, you ca

The Power Of Silence After A Breakup

You want your ex to suffer. Yet, the thought of them still makes your heart flutter. You’re plotting revenge while a part of you wishes they would come crawling back. They broke your heart but the intense longing to be with them keeps you up at night. Do you picture yourself riding off into the sunset with your ex? Or would you rather move on and leave the emotional roller coaster behind for good? Ditch the weird phone calls and stop sending them rambling text messages. Tap into the power of s
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